Wholesale gift box packaging

Custom gift boxes and packaging box in any size, color, or style are here. And we wholesale gift box packaging for gifts, jewelry, apparel, and accessories. All of them can print with logos and product information. So for a brand, a competent gift box supplier is vital.

What should we know about gift box packaging?

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Nowadays, gift packaging is becoming more and more exquisite. What should be paid attention to in the packaging? Today I will share it from a design perspective.

About the box structure

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The gift box packaging is about a high-end atmosphere. In the box structure, the shape should be stable. Stability and suitable size are regards. The common design structure has a clam shell type, drawer type, combined type, etc.

About the packaging material

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The packing materials for gift box packaging are of high quality. So please underline natural protection and health. Do not choose materials that pollute or irritate the smell. If the box is sending by mail or carried over long distances, be sure to consider the endurance of the box. And take into account problems that may arise during transit. Such as anti-wear, waterproof, etc.

About packing style

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Any packaging design must be for its target audience. And gift box packaging is no exception. When designing, we need consider the image, features, and target groups. We should consider the consumer’s ideas, and adopt personalized designs to attract them.

Different countries, regions, or ethnic groups have different preferences and taboos for colors and patterns. There are different social systems, religious beliefs, and customs (color taboos of gifts). So, the designer must do a good job of full market research before the design.

About packaging production

For gifts with high-tech content, the selection of materials, crafts should reflect it. Such as, the 3D foldable box packaging made by concave-convex skill, aseptic and anti-theft packaging, etc. In this way, the performance of gift box packaging can be reflected in the packaging style.

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