Hang tag printing

Hang tag printing is a solution to add product information on hang tag with professional printing, including offset printing and silk-screened printing. They have some differences in printed materials, features, time, and printing methods.

They can also print various specifications of shapes, such as square, round, diamond, etc., and can also print various colors on the front and back of the hangtag. The information printed in this way can improve the brand image and popularity.

Silk-screened printing

The silk-screened printing is to print the pattern and text of the product on the hang tag by screen printing, and the overall effect is good. The patterns and text are textured. It is recognized by more and more industries, widely used, and closely connected with our lives. The printing method can be broadly used in clothing labels and hangtags.

Main characteristics

1. strong three-dimensional sense; 2. strong light resistance; 3. large printing area; 4. strong adhesion.


1.large volume; 2.cheap price; 3.bright colors; 4.long shelf life; 5. fast delivery

Silk-screened printing
Silk-screened printing

Offset printing

The offset printing transfers the ink on the rubber surface to the paper surface of the hang tag through a roller-type rubber stamp. Since the glue surface is flat and there are no concave patterns, the patterns and patterns on the printed paper surface are also flat, without three-dimensionality, and the anti-counterfeiting property is poor.

However, the demand for printing of personalized small batch of self-adhesive labels on the market is increasing nowadays, and product quality often requires bright colors, and most of the layered layouts are composed of dots. So it is a suitable choice for hang tags with complex patterns and strong timeliness.

Advantages of hang tag printing

1.low cost; 2.high printing efficiency; 3.short plate making cycle.

Offset printing
Offset printing

Today, the business environment in any industry is extremely competitive, and the fashion industry will be not immune. In fact, product promotion and brand marketing strategies, especially high-quality advertising materials including printing ways, can make you stand out from the fierce market competitors and attract more potential customers.

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