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Hang tag string

Hang Tag String is a common and cost-effective way to attach your tags. It usually involves tying elastic or cotton string through a hole in the tag. There are many ways to go about stringing your tags and choosing the right one can be critical in completing your project.

Hang tag string is often an afterthought when it comes to hang tags. Printing is only half the hang tag battle. Most people don’t realize how costly and labor intensive it can be to produce tags, string them and have them attached to their products.

hang tag string

hang tag string

Don’t be most people! Instead, know your budget and what it will take to attach your tags before you get them. Finding the right method can be a daunting task. To help, we describe three effective ways to string your tags.

Method 1: Fully-Automated Tag Stringing

Method 2: Semi-Automated Tag Stringing

Method 3: DIY Hand Application

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