Hang tag string classified by personality

The classification of hang tag string by clothing personality can be roughly classified as:

  1. Spring and summer wear hang tag string – the color is clear and fresh, concise shape, more use of two-in-one, three-in-one and other smaller hang tag string or buckle.

hang tag string

  1. Autumn and winter wear hang tag string – slightly larger standard appearance, the process is more complex, the use of color more calm colors, such as black, coffee, red dates, dark green, navy blue and so on.

  1. Casual wear hanging tag string – more complex but simple shape of the hang tag string, rope buckle, ribbon buckle, webbing hanging tablets, etc., color use more khaki, coffee, beige and so on.
  1. Suits hang tag string – the shape of more use of rectangular, square and oval three-in-one hang tag string, some high-end clothing to prevent the logo fade color also uses epoxy protection process.
  1. Trousers hang tag string – the use of a few appearance in the appearance of the small hang tag string and rope buckle, the color is also more concise, such as black, blue and so on.
  1. Shirt hang tag string – similar to the spring and summer clothes.
  1. Jackets hang tag string- similar to autumn and winter wear and casual wear.
  1. Women hang tag string – a small form, but there is a certain appearance of the process, colorful, such as red, yellow, light green and so on.
  1. Children’s wear hang tag string – complex and changeable, vivid and lively colors, such as sky blue, pink, grass green and so on.
  1. Underwear hang tag string – generally use the fine line buckle, rope bar, gun needle, etc., materials and processes are mostly environmentally friendly technology.

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