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Hang tag string with safety pin

Wholesale hang tag string with safety pin, U-shaped, bulb-shaped copper, iron, steel small/mini black white, gold, silvery safety pin for hang tags, in-stock order online.

With regard to the pins, there is such a small story: Once, my country held a conference for research and creation. At the meeting, Japanese creative scientists stepped onto Nobuo’s rostrum and took a step forward, and asked a question. He asked: “How many uses do these paper clips have?” One Chinese scholar who was present at the time said there were more than 30 kinds. Murakami believes that there are more than 300 kinds of his own. Everyone warmly applauded him. At this time someone was handing over a sliver and the sliver wrote: “I’ll post a point tomorrow and prove that these paper clips have hundreds of millions of uses. This person is Xu Guotai. The scheme he proposed was later called the magic ball phenomenon.

According to his argument, clips can be used for various weights due to the same weight; as a metal, clips can react with a variety of acids and other chemicals without knowing how many reactions; clips can be changed to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; can be turned into English, Latin, and Russian letters, so that things that can be expressed in all languages in the world can be expressed in paper clips. In addition, the paper clip is metal and can conduct electricity, and it has a magnetic reaction in the magnetic field. In art, it is straightened and can play the role of strings. It can also be used as a clip, rope, hanging chain, and necklace. In garment accessories, the safety pins are mostly used to attach hang tags, hang tag string and clothes.

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