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The hidden secret in the hang tags

Hang tags are a vital part of clothing, you can not just look at the price and style when shopping, the hidden secret in the hang tags should also be noticed.

If you want to fully understand a piece of clothing, you can’t only see colors, sizes, and styles, also you should pay more attention to the information on the hang tags and labels.

  1. Look at the depth of color

The darker the color of the clothes, the more harmful substances in clothing dyes. It is recommended to choose light color when buying underwear and baby clothes

  1. Look at the model

Types with no height and bust are unqualified, qualified clothing size label:

“175/100A” 175 indicates height, 100 indicates chest circumference, and A indicates body type

A means “normal”, B means “overweight”, C means “fat” Y means “lean”

Washing marks must follow, washing, drying, ironing, etc. If there are no washing instructions on the hang tags or wash instructions are incorrectly labeled, most likely because of irregular manufacturers, it is recommended not to buy.

  1. Look at the grade

The grade of clothing is divided into excellent products, first-class products, qualified products. The higher the level, the higher the colorfastness. In general, fewer first-class products and superior products are available in the market, so the label on the clothing label at least are quality products.

hang tags' photo

4. Look at the safety technology category

Clothing has A, B, C three security technology levels, under 2 years old infant clothing must be Class A technical requirements. Clothing that directly touches the skin must be at least Class B technical requirements. Clothing that is not in direct contact with the skin must be at least Class C technical requirements. If the cloth does not meet the technical requirements recommend not to buy. In addition, don’t take hang tags on clothes by scissors or tear them off directly. In fact, this hang tag is still useful, just you don’t know how use it!

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