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What is hot drilling?

Hot drilling is a garment accessory and processing technology
that will melt and stick to fabrics, leather, cloth when they encounter high temperatures. At present, hot drilling on clothing has become a fashion and trend. It can increase the beauty and value of clothing.

What are the types of hot drilling?

There are two main classifications of hot drilling:
(1) Divided by production: Korean hot drills, Czech hot drills, Austria hot drills, domestic hot drills (acrylic hot drills), etc.;
(2) Divided by texture: crystal hot diamonds, glass hot diamonds, aluminum octagonal hot diamonds.

How do we judge the quality?

The hot-drilling process is generally divided into three steps: selecting diamonds, rowing diamonds, and setting diamonds. So, how do we judge the quality? It is mainly divided into 5 steps. That is appearance, adhesive, firmness, grade of hot drilling, and variety of hot drilling.

hot drilling


  • First look at the cutting surface of the hot diamond. The more the cutting surface, the higher its refractive index and the better the brightness;
  • Secondly, check whether the cutting surface is uniform. Scratches and bubbles are all defective products;
  • The hot drilling process has strict request. And the process is complicated, so the yield rate is not very high. Diamonds with a defective rate of 3%-5% should be regarded as good products;
  • Then, see if the diamonds are the same size. The diameter of SS6 is 1.9-2.1mm, and the diameter of SS10 is 2.7-2.9mm;
  • Finally, see if the thickness is the same;
hot drilling-01


We can turn the diamond over to see the color of the glue on the back. First, see if the color is uniform. And the color cannot be different shades. Then, if the color is bright and even, it is a good diamond.


The higher the solubility of the glue on the back of the hot diamond, the better the firmness of the diamond.

hot drilling-02

How to identify the firmness of a diamond?

The way is to wash it in the washing machine after it is ironed. Yet, if it does not fall off after washing, the fastness is good. If it falls off immediately after washing, it proves that the glue is not strong enough. Because high-quality hot diamonds will not fall off even if we dry-clean them.

Grade of hot drilling

Commonly used Korean hot-stamping diamonds are divided into three grades: special A grade, A grade, and B grade.

Special Grade A: High brightness, no variegated diamonds. The cutting surface is uniform. There are no teeth, scratches, bubbles, and the defective rate is 1%-2%. The probability of degumming bottom is 0.5%-1%. The diamonds are of the same size and have high firmness.

Grade A: In the brightness, there are a few variegated diamonds, and the cutting surface is uneven. There are teeth, scratches, bubbles, and the defective rate is 5%-8%. The probability of degumming the bottom is 1%-2%. The diamonds are of the same size and have high firmness.

Grade B: Poor brightness, 15% variegated diamonds. The cutting surface is uneven. Many teeth, scratches, bubbles, and the defective rate is 20%-50%. The probability of degumming the bottom is 3%-10%. The size of the diamonds is inconsistent and the firmness is low.

hot drilling-DSC5383

Variety of hot drilling

About the Austria hot drilling and Czech hot drilling

These two kinds of diamonds are of high quality. Besides, they are unparalleled in terms of brightness and quality. The quality can almost reach a 100% pass rate. But the price is high. So they are suitable for watches, belts, leather bags, and other high-end products that require a small number of diamonds.

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