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Information on clothing hang tags

Information printed on clothing hang tags help customers know your clothes well, it includes washing instruction, relevant authentication information, etc. The design, words, and symbols on the clothing hang tags are the most important information; this information can explicitly inform brand name, product style, and attention.

Washing instruction. It guides customers on how to wash properly. Nowadays, lots of washing instructions are no longer several simple symbols or icons, but add the necessary component description and washing guidance. Some washing instructions on clothing hang tags use the graphic symbol or cartoon design which is vivid, innovative, and rich in the modern sense. Meticulous and vivid washing instructions not only can reflect the responsibility and consideration to customers but also advertise the brand invisibly.

Specification and price for reference. They can help consumers judge, analysis, and establish buying intention.

Relevant authentication information on clothing hang tags: Information like ISO9001/9002, environmental ISO14000, all-cotton fabric mark, pure wool mark, Eco-1 label, etc., can efficiently reflect product quality and feature. These factors reflect the company image to win the trust and cognition of customers. In addition, clothing hang tags will be relatively stable after design and can be used for a long time, thus deepening the customers’ impression on the product.

Though small the hang tag is, abundant information on it can help consumers to understand, recognize, and accept the products. It improves and protects the reputation of the clothing company, and also plays a positive role in selling products.

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