Jeans leather labels for brand

Jeans leather labels are a little leather patch sewed on the waistband of jeans, used for showing brand name, logo, and size to enhance the value of jeans. As an important detail of jeans, leather labels can not only improve the integrity of brand style but improve the texture of jeans as well if it is consistent with the tone of jeans. In that sense, classic denim jeans labels are a plus. A glamorous leather label will definitely add a lot to your jeans.

jeans leather labels

We have a wide range of leather labels for jeans for your choice such as genuine leather labels, faux leather labels. These custom leather labels can be switched on, ironed on, or stuck on like any other label style. You can pick a color and get your leather label embossed or debossed with your name, logo, or initials to make them exclusive. We can help you choose from several different elements. To make your leather logo labels for denim jeans unique, we do our best.

The origin of jeans leather labels:

Levi’s was the first one who adds a leather patch to their riveted denim waist overalls. In 1936, Jacrons (large leather patch ) started appearing on the waistband, becoming Lee’s exclusive identity authentication. Since then, people start to imitate it to use these leather labels.

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The function of jeans leather labels:

Every accessory on the jeans will have its own meaning. They make the design of the jeans show their charm. There are four functions that leather labels for jeans perform.

Brand recognition

It is the most significant way to help potential shoppers identify the brand. You can always find your brand once you see it. Most customers judge the quality of a pair of jeans by checking their leather labels. Common brands generally use cheap synthetic paper or leather, which might be lack of a natural flavor. Conversely, genuine jeans leather labels will display different colors over time. It also exudes a light leather aroma.


For those who might not care much about the jeans brands, a jeans leather label is still a perfect embellishment. Generally speaking, most of the jeans look similar because of the simple design. Adding a leather label makes them more stylish and special.

ID card

Even the first time you saw a pair of jeans, you might be thinking about their simple design. Actually. every pair of jeans are designed and produced strictly. As a result, there must be numerous fake products in such a big market. That’s why jeans leather labels exist. It can help customers distinguish between the genuine and the fake. So we regard it as a “walking ID card” for jeans.

Belt assistant

The aim to buy a pair of jeans is for comfortable wearing. However, it might be not. The leather label with a belt can adjust the looseness.

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