Leather labels for handbags

In Sex and the City, Fendi’s handbags

J.Crew and Alexander McQueen also make clutches from time to time. But what really makes the clutch bag designers stand out is that they only focus on this type of design, sometimes only four new styles a year.

“I’m very optimistic about this market. In the past, I didn’t think many people looked at evening clutches as a product category. With the exception of the Judith Leiber brand, all other rising stars are like afterthoughts.” Founder of Edie Parker Brett Heyman said. Before that, she worked for Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana for many years.

Now, the clutch bag has occupied a small part of the accessories market, and has also integrated into the daily fashion from the evening wear field. Like many popular fashion items, it is popular from top to bottom – originally the love of Queen Joseph, social celebrities or movie stars are also used in the dinner.

It may be that women put lipsticks, makeup mirrors, combs, and keys in their handbags. But now it seems that this compact and elegant bag is still in the new era, for example, a smart phone.

Sewing a custom leather patch or tag on the handbag can clearly let others know the uniqueness of the handbag and embellish the bag.

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