Luxury hang tags for high-end clothing

Luxury hang tags are suitable for high-end clothing, we provide with many options to customize the look and feel of luxury gold or silver foil hang tags. If you have noticed the hang tags in luxury stores, you might get impressed with their hang tags, no matter they are cotton hang tags or metallic hang tags. For many sellers, luxury hang tags can increase brand value and enhance brand image. Even if you’re not a high fashion brand, adding a luxury swing tag to your garments can be beneficial.

luxury hang tags 1

Generally speaking, there is no confusing images or text in luxury hang tags. Let’s take GUCCI as an example, its logo and brand name are printed on one side, other basic information is stuck on the other side. You definitely notice the logo the first time you see it. You can get the conclusion that a luxury hang tag is no only a paper tag but also a promotion tool.

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What luxury hang tags can do?

Draw customer attention.

As mentioned above, a simple yet delicate luxury hang tag can impress your customer when a lot of brands displayed together with similar commodities.

Tell your product

Garment hang tags are a medium to tell more information about your product. The logo or the material, even the color can revoke customers’ feelings. What you highlight can add the validation necessary to justify their purchase.

luxury hang tags 2
luxury hang tags 2

Add value

A luxury hang tag adds value to your clothing. Customers get what they need from your luxury hang tags. Elevating your brand with luxury swing tags will feel more high-quality. Just like luxury brands, customers get their satisfaction from the commodity they buy as well as the perceived value.

Luxury hang tags characteristics:

luxurious coated paper options

Our luxury hang tags use high-quality coated paper to prevent them from deformation. Professional machinery promises printed text in high definition.

Emboss or deboss logo

Logo plays a significant roll in your hang tags. Choosing an emboss or deboss logo is the most efficient way to attract customers. Luxury hang tags deserve a delicate logo. It as well creates brand value.

luxury hang tags 3
luxury hang tags 3

Hole punch grommet

If you prefer luxury hang tags with a delicate hole punch grommet, we also offer to hang tags with grommet. It’s easy to apply and with our easy clasp string and safety pin(if you choose) hang tags can be applied to clothes easily. High gloss logo finishing is also available.

Foil printing

Using silver foil or gold foil adds a fancy feeling for your products. If you have special requirements, contact our salesmen and they will serve you.

No matter what style of luxury hang tags you need, Our professional salesmen and designers are always here to help you find the best one. We provide the best products.

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