Muslin drawstring bags

Muslin drawstring bags are plain weaved fabric bags, using an unbleached cotton cloth with drawstring closure and custom printed logo for easy packaging. The bags are with 100% organic cotton, which is reusable and eco-friendly for easy storage. Usually, they are designed with double quality strings in the seam of the muslin bags. That can be pulled to tighten or close them. Muslin drawstring bags have wide applications in today’s life. Such as, they are suitable for packaging jewelry, cosmetics, gifts, food, shoes, party or daily accessories, etc.


  • Safe material: eco-friendly cotton fabrics with unbleached muslin cloth;
  • Durable: they are strong and can be reused for many years;
  • Portable: it’s easy to hold. As long as you gently pull the string, the items in the bag will not fall easily;
  • Wide use: great for storing Snacks, crafts, soaps, candies, gifts, keeping things neat and organized;
  • Customization: they can be customized as customers’ requirements;
muslin drawstring bags 1

No toxic chemicals were used in the production process of our muslin drawstring bags. So they are safe and have passed food safety certification. They are the perfect choice for the daily life of your family and will bring a better look to your products. Customers can print logos, QR codes, and other brand or product information on the bags. You can also paint various patterns on the bag to make it your own unique favorite drawstring bags. They come in many sizes. It can be a small Pouches or a large handbag. Our factory produces custom muslin drawstring bags, PVC bags, paper bags, pouches in all sizes, as well as economical canvas bags, and premium handbags.

muslin drawstring bags 2

Muslin drawstring bags can also be used as promotional bags. With these cotton drawstring bags, there is no need for non-degradable plastic bags. It helps to protect the environment and play its part. Because the cotton cloth is woven, the air inside the bag is ideal for food storage. Decorate them and use them as birthday gifts for friends. This makes it the perfect accessory for a special occasion! Not only that, but they can also be used as a wedding candy bag so that your site appears more orderly. We bring high-quality muslin drawstring bags to customers at reasonable prices, and we provide custom printing and quotation. If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us.

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