What is non woven fabric?

Non woven fabric is a fabric made of polyester fiber or PET, which calls needle-punched cotton and made of mechanical, thermal bonding, or chemical method. To put it simply, it is not interwoven and braided one by one, but the fibers are directly bonded together by physical methods. And, it is made by the acupuncture process and we can make it with different thicknesses, feel, hardness, etc.

Features of non woven fabric

Non woven fabric has the features of moisture-proof, breathable, and lightweight. It is not only non-toxic, tasteless, but also recyclable. Especially, compared with cotton fabrics, non-woven bags are easier to form and cheaper to manufacture. Also, we can use shopping bags made of non woven fabric more than 10 times. After being discarded, the pollution to the environment is only 10% of that of plastic packaging bags.

What are its advantages and applications?

Non woven fabric breaks through the traditional textile principle. And it has the characteristics of short process flow, fast production speed, and high output. At the same time, its production cost is low and there are many sources of raw materials. So, it has wide application in our daily life. We can use it in different industries. Such as hats, curtains, bag lining, disposable face towels, face masks, clothing, medical, etc.

Images of non woven fabric products

3 ideas on the maintenance of the non woven fabric

Keep clean, change and wash frequently to prevent moths from breeding. But, if there is pilling, do not pull it forcibly. Use scissors to cut the pom-pom to avoid being unable to repair it due to the thread falling off.

When storing it in seasons, we must wash, iron, dry, seal it in a plastic bag, and place it flat in the closet. Besides, pay attention to shading to prevent fading. It should be ventilated frequently, dust and damp, and not exposed to the sun. Put anti-mildew and anti-moth tablets in the wardrobe to prevent the cashmere products from getting damp and moldy.

When worn inside, the matching outer lining should be smooth. So, do not put hard objects such as pens, key cases, mobile phones, etc. in the pockets to avoid local friction and pilling. Minimize the friction with hard objects (such as sofa backs, armrests, tabletops) when wearing outside. Because it is not easy to wear for too long. It may take 5 days to restore the elasticity of the clothes to avoid fiber fatigue and damage.

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