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Paper hang tags for clothing

We supply custom paper hang tags for clothing, which are made of paper material including coated paper, white/black card, kraft paper, tracing paper, etc. Besides, they are the most common hang tags. Compared with metal or leather hang tags, paper hang tags are easier to print. Meanwhile, you can print the logo, brand name, product story, etc. on the hang tags. 

Since 2008, Our paper hang tags has been used for a variety of purposes. Such as clothing tags, price tags, wedding tags, gift tags, etc. But, all the functions that other tags can use for paper hang tags. In addition, it has the feature of smudge-proof with a gloss finish on the front. So, creative and unique paper hang tags can convey brand information and details to consumers.

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We can customize paper hang tags in a variety of styles and sizes for you. Yet you are free to choose shapes from normal rectangular, square round to special die-cut. And we can design a hole punch or string for easy attachment. Further, we use offset printing, screen printing, engraving, hot stamping gold/silver, UV, etc. So, we can improve the feature of waterproofing. And of course, it will make the hang tags card more durable.

Materials of paper hang tags

We provide coated paper, kraft paper, insulating paper, corrugated paper, cardboard paper, and more for your reference.

Art/Coated paper

The paper is beige. And its surface is smooth and can print in color. It also can be coated with matt or gloss lamination. The thickness of 300g art paper is similar to the business cards. So, it is great for children’s wear, underwear, summer wear, and other frivolous tags.

White/black card

The paper is white/black. And we can print it in some simple colors since it has a rough surface. Generally speaking, it is recommended without any lamination. white card’s exquisite and artistic flavor make it suitable for literary or ethnic style tags. Black card’s firm and thick features give it the ability to use metallic stamping and UV spot finish.

Tracing paper

The paper is translucent. It is thin and usually paired with other materials.

Kraft paper

The paper is yellowish-brown. It is good for some vintage and denim products.

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