Printed package paper for wrapping

Printed package paper is packing paper mainly used for packaging purposes in shipping or wrapping, and it has high toughness and can withstand pressure. The custom printed package paper for shipping parcels can print the brand logo. The minimum order quantity is 1,000 sheets.

Packaging papers include kraft paper, paper bag paper, parchment paper, moisture-proof paper, neutral wrapping paper, translucent paper, food wrapping paper, and so on. Paper used for packaging various commodities. Generally, it has high physical strength and certain water resistance. This type of packaging paper mainly requires high strength and proper air permeability.

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Inner packaging and outer packaging

Printed package paper for food has the most varieties and specifications. It is divided into two categories: inner packaging and outer packaging. Direct contact with food is called inner packaging paper, which is mainly required to be clean and free of germs. It has the features of moisture-proof, oil-proof, anti-sticking, and anti-mildew. The outer packaging paper is mainly to beautify and protect the products. In addition to requiring a certain physical strength, it also needs to be clean and beautiful. So, it is suitable for printing multi-color product patterns and text.

Printed package paper for liquid beverages, such as milk and vegetable juice, must also be impermeable. In order to be able to store and keep fresh for a longer period of time, special beverage soft packaging papers composed of paper and metal film, paper and plastic and metal film have been developed.

Various types of printed package paper

Various types of printed package paper have different properties and use. For example, special fruit wrappers are thin and soft. The photosensitive protective paper is opaque. Grease-proof wrapping paper (vegetable parchment, etc.) has the property of preventing grease penetration. Moisture-proof packaging paper (asphalt paper, oil paper, aluminum foil paper, etc.) is moisture-proof. Besides, trademark paper is used for packaging after printing. Similarly, ordinary wrapping paper is mostly used for general commodity packaging, and the quality requirements are not strict.

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