Printed tags with string

Printed tags with string are printed clothing labels with hang tag string, and they can be customized with logo, text, or barcode for fashion clothing brands. Printed tags with string cover several main printing methods in the plate-making stage. According to different product properties, different printing methods are selected. And the plate-making process is also different for different printing methods.

Nowadays, printed labels mainly use letterpress printing, offset printing, flexographic printing, and screen printing. From a technical point of view, these printing methods have their own advantages. They all have their own inherent pros and cons. No printing method can replace another printing method.

For the printed tags with string, dirty back is a common problem, but it is difficult to solve the problem in the process of manufacturing clothing labels. Of course, for the newly produced equipment, technology has been improved.

For example, we install UV and IR dryers. And we increase the transfer time between two adjacent units. Both of them are relatively good methods. However, some printing equipment of printed tags with a string does not have a drying device. They must be solved by conventional methods. Such as dust removal and pressing.

Images of printed tags with string

The dusting tends to cause difficulties in the glossiness of the printed matter and film lamination. And it causes pollution to the production environment and equipment. We know that the backside of viscous dirt is caused by the residual viscosity of the ink layer and the positive pressure on the substrate. Therefore, as long as any one of the factors is overcome, the problem of the sticky back can be solved.

For packaged products, thicker paperboard is mostly printed at 250g/m or more. So the stiffness of the paperboard is higher than that of thin paper. Therefore, the printed semi-finished products can be rotated 90° and placed sideways on the side. And it reduces the number of prints. During the positive pressure, the dirt on the backside is avoided. And the use effect is good. Thus, I suggest peers give it a try.

Quotation of printed tags with string

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10 Best Clothing Hang Tag Ideas

Clothing Hang tag printing material is various, not just paper. Now we would like to introduce the 10 best clothing hang tag ideas we made-more creative in material and technique. Logo printing techniques are also multiple.

A traditional hang tag is usually made of art paper. By firstly printing the brand logo and relative images on paper, then cutting into a rectangular shape and punching a hole, finally matching a string, we make a hang tag.
Now we would like to introduce the 10 best clothing hang tag ideas we made-more creative in material and technique.

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Cardboard tags with string

In general, the paper we refer to is, in a broad sense, the terms paper and cardboard. In fact, the difference between paper and paperboard is merely differentiated from its quantitative (relative weight per square meter area of paper). People generally refer to paper within 200 g/m2 as paper; and 200 g/m2 or more paper as paperboard. In the past, the quantitative regulations for paper and board in China were: papers below 150 m2 are called paper, and papers above 200 g/m2 are called paperboard. Will be between 150-200g/m2 called cardboard (base paper).

cardboard tags with string

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The hidden secret in the hang tags

Hang tags are a vital part of clothing, you can not just look at the price and style when shopping, the hidden secret in the hang tags should also be noticed.

If you want to fully understand a piece of clothing, you can’t only see colors, sizes, and styles, also you should pay more attention to the information on the hang tags and labels.

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