Hang tag string loops lock fasteners

Hang tag string loops lock fasteners, custom hang tag string for your hang tag, head lock fasteners loop hook, square lock fasteners loop hook.

I guess you bought your clothes and you don’t know how to get the hang tag and hang tag string from the collar. This depends on whether the garment supplier is a one-time or multiple-use hang tag string loops. If you use a multiple-use hang tag string loops, you can pull it off with a little force, if it is a disposable which can only be cut off.

hang tag string loops lock fasteners

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Hang tag string classified by personality

The classification of hang tag string by clothing personality can be roughly classified as:

  1. Spring and summer wear hang tag string – the color is clear and fresh, concise shape, more use of two-in-one, three-in-one and other smaller hang tag string or buckle.

hang tag string

  1. Autumn and winter wear hang tag string – slightly larger standard appearance, the process is more complex, the use of color more calm colors, such as black, coffee, red dates, dark green, navy blue and so on.

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