Hang tag string classified by personality

The classification of hang tag string by clothing personality can be roughly classified as:


  1. Spring and summer wear hang tag string – the color is clear and fresh, concise shape, more use of two-in-one, three-in-one and other smaller hang tag string or buckle.


  1. Autumn and winter wear hang tag string – slightly larger standard appearance, the process is more complex, the use of color more calm colors, such as black, coffee, red dates, dark green, navy blue and so on.


  1. Casual wear hanging tag string – more complex but simple shape of the hang tag string, rope buckle, ribbon buckle, webbing hanging tablets, etc., color use more khaki, coffee, beige and so on.


  1. Suits hang tag string – the shape of more use of rectangular, square and oval three-in-one hang tag string, some high-end clothing to prevent the logo fade color also uses epoxy protection process.


  1. Trousers hang tag string – the use of a few appearance in the appearance of the small hang tag string and rope buckle, the color is also more concise, such as black, blue and so on.


  1. Shirt hang tag string – similar to the spring and summer clothes.


  1. Jackets hang tag string– similar to autumn and winter wear and casual wear.


  1. Women hang tag string – a small form, but there is a certain appearance of the process, colorful, such as red, yellow, light green and so on.


  1. Children’s wear hang tag string – complex and changeable, vivid and lively colors, such as sky blue, pink, grass green and so on.


  1. Underwear hang tag string – generally use the fine line buckle, rope bar, gun needle, etc., materials and processes are mostly environmentally friendly technology.


Show Your Products with Custom Hang Tags

When it comes to your business, no detail is too small to be important. In fact, all of the little details are what sets your company apart from your competitors. At clothinglabels.cn,, we offer high-quality hang tag printing to ensure you are able to showcase your products with appealing, professional, custom hang tags. Whether you attach them to clothing or use them on other merchandise, custom tags show your customers that you are serious about making a great impression, and also can match the hang tag string with your logo to make your brand more prefect.

Hang tag string

Hang tag string

Hang tag string is to connect hang tag to clothes.

Hang tag string can be a common string without any seal, attach to the hang tag with a safety pin or tie a knot, the common materials for such hang tag string are waxed string, plastic string, leather string, polyester string or cotton string.etc..

Hang tag string could also be custom-made, seal with the same logo as the hang tag, which show the brand identity. Usually the seal could be rectangle shape, round shape, cylindrical shape, square shape or other custom shape. Seal material could be plastic or aluminium. Logo usually printed, hot stamped or filled with epoxy to show the different effect. Also the price for different string, material and technology is difference. Try to find a suitable hang tag string will make your design more delicate!

Hang tag string

Hang tag string is mainly used for hanging clothing tag, it is clothing and clothing tags (clothing trademarks, brand logo, care lable, price tag etc.) link between the Hang tag string as an integral part of garment accessories merchandise clothing trademarks, a good set of hang tag, hang tag string collocation can better reflect the design of garment accessories and clothing taste highlight the brand effect, which is mainly composed of a rope, fork, plastic seal, logo, hot color part.

The application range of hang tag string.

Hang tag string is mostly used in clothing, and there are also some brands of watches, bags, shoes and hats, ornaments, umbrellas and other goods that need to be suspended hang tag string.

The hang tag string process consists of

Hang tag string early consisted by some simple cotton rope, hemp rope, nylon rope, braided rope, tie a ring, unable to reach the brand highlights and special effects, later with the aluminum shell with a printed sheet stamping, but the shape is simple, easy to hurt the clothing hook hook, now most adpot the injection molding, two side characters hang tag string, material is PS, ABS, nylon rope, polyester cord rope, cotton rope etc..

Hang tag string

Hang Tag String is a common and cost-effective way to attach your tags. It usually involves tying elastic or cotton string through a hole in the tag. There are many ways to go about stringing your tags and choosing the right one can be critical in completing your project.

hang tag string
hang tag string

Hang tag string is often an afterthought when it comes to hang tags. Printing is only half the hang tag battle. Most people don’t realize how costly and labor intensive it can be to produce tags, string them and have them attached to their products.

hang tag string
hang tag string

Don’t be most people! Instead, know your budget and what it will take to attach your tags before you get them. Finding the right method can be a daunting task. To help, we describe three effective ways to string your tags.

Method 1: Fully-Automated Tag Stringing

Method 2: Semi-Automated Tag Stringing

Method 3: DIY Hand Application