Show Your Products with Custom Hang Tags

When it comes to your business, no detail is too small to be important. In fact, all of the little details are what sets your company apart from your competitors. At,, we offer high-quality hang tag printing to ensure you are able to showcase your products with appealing, professional, custom hang tags. Whether you attach them to clothing or use them on other merchandise, custom tags show your customers that you are serious about making a great impression, and also can match the hang tag string with your logo to make your brand more prefect.

Custom string tags for hang tags price tag

Custom hang tag with string, price tags, paper tags with cotton string and plastic seal with you LOGO. low price and MOQ, good quality.

Washing label, washing care label are usually printed instructions and components of the printed product itself. Generally used materials include: polyester tapes, fabrics, ribbons, nylon belts, cotton belts, and polyester-cotton belts.

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Custom price tags with string

We supply custom price tags with string, print you LOGO and price on hang price tags, custom plastic hang tag string with you Logo.

When we go to the store to buy clothes, we basically see the custom price tags with string on the clothes. What is the difference between tag price and actual transaction price?

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