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When it comes to your business, no detail is too small to be important. In fact, all of the little details are what sets your company apart from your competitors. At,, we offer high-quality hang tag printing to ensure you are able to showcase your products with appealing, professional, custom hang tags. Whether you attach them to clothing or use them on other merchandise, custom tags show your customers that you are serious about making a great impression, and also can match the hang tag string with your logo to make your brand more prefect.

black hang tag string

Accessories are growing and changing along with the history of clothing.

In the era of blood drinking, when people wear leaves and hides, the vines used for binding are accessories.

The use of accessories in Chinese ancient costumes is less, mainly ropes. In the Tang Feitian image, the flying ribbon is the ultimate embodiment of ancient accessories decoration.

From the Ming and Qing Dynasties, accessories began to be widely used. This is mainly due to the complex and exquisite reasons people have for the decorative effect of clothing. Accessories at this time mainly reflected in the embroidery, Suzhou embroidery is the peak of the development of clothing accessories in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Usually feathers and jade are often sewn on clothes for decoration.

In modern times, western clothing was introduced into China. Accessories become exceptionally rich. People began to use buttons to dress extensively.

At the beginning of this century, the invention of the zipper was the most important event in the history of accessories. Until today is still the most important accessories.

Due to the pursuit of decorative effects, accessories have changed from functional core to decorative effect as the core. For example, decorative buckles, hot drilling, beads, rivets, laces, leather labels, black hang tag string etc. are all used as decorative accessories.

Custom string tags for hang tags price tag

Custom hang tag with string, price tags, paper tags with cotton string and plastic seal with you LOGO. low price and MOQ, good quality.

Washing label, washing care label are usually printed instructions and components of the printed product itself. Generally used materials include: polyester tapes, fabrics, ribbons, nylon belts, cotton belts, and polyester-cotton belts. The woven label is mainly used as a decorative webbing that is interrupted by the middle of the casual wear. It is usually a branded LOGO or English and is mainly used for decoration. It is used at pockets, inner pockets, cell phone pockets, over the sleeves, or in the middle of the back. On the side. Washing care labels are made of special materials and are usually placed inside the inner pockets. The clothing number and the section number are mainly marked by the manufacturers. The ingredients, specifications and implementation standards, safety categories, washing standards, etc. Custom string tags strictly speaking: refers to the whole part of the clothing listed, listing by custom string tags, certificate and other products, very good coverage of the enterprise and brand, clothing information such as the brand’s registration number, brand manufacturers, manufacturers The spokesperson of the image, in addition to the contents of the washing label, can also have the quality of the spokesperson, price, bar code and other conditions of return and return, and the interpretation of the clothing is more comprehensive. specializes in the production of various clothing accessories,like washing labels, washing care label, custom string tags, other series of clothing trademark, has many years of clothing cloth standard production experience, fast delivery of equipment, quality assurance, low price. Welcome to contact us for labels!

kraft paper tags with string

Custom kraft paper tags with string. Print your LOGO on brown kraft paper with natural hemp twine or cotton cord, your string with plastic seal can be have LOGO

kraft paper tags with string
kraft paper tags with string

Kraft paper is tough and water-resistant packaging paper, brownish yellow, very versatile, commonly used in the production of paper bags, envelopes, kraft paper tags with string, operating books, record sets, files and sandpaper. The quantitative range is from 80 g/m2 to 120 g/m2, with the difference between single-sided light, double-sided light, and stripes in web and flat paper. The main quality requirements are flexible and strong, high burst resistance, can withstand greater tension and pressure does not break. Kraft paper has high tensile force, such as single light, double light, stripes, and no grain. Mainly used for packaging paper, envelopes, p

aper bags, etc.

Kraft paper has many unique advantages over bleached paper. For home food packaging, such as barbecue food or home-cooked food, the natural brown color of kraft paper makes the packaging look warm and nostalgic. The wooden decor is the mainstay, with a rustic steakhouse restaurant, and take-away kraft paper for food packaging. Even if you don’t eat at the restaurant, you can feel the style of the restaurant. The unique appearance of kraft paper alone is even more prominent than the overall white packaging.

custom price tags with string

We supply custom price tags with string, print you LOGO and price on hang price tags, custom plastic hang tag string with you Logo.

When we go to the store to buy clothes, we basically see the custom price tags with string on the clothes. What is the difference between tag price and actual transaction price?

The tag price is the price on the hang tag on the goods. Considering the site fee and other store expenses, the tag price is basically high. The actual transaction price is mostly lower than the tag price, for example, the tag price is discounted by several times.

For example, a piece of clothing, a tag on the 1999, 1999 is the tag price.

However, in fact, the shop may give you a discount, 1 discount, 199, is the actual transaction price.

Of course, this piece of clothing may be the owner of 29RMB wholesale from a wholesale market, 29RMB is the wholesale price.

Hang tag printing with string

Hang tag printing your LOGO with string, the plastic string seal also can be have your LOGO, low MOQ and price, good quality.

Hang tag printing with string plays a role of outstanding the company image and quality.Hang tag printing with string

There are also many people who do not need to hang tag printing with string.

Manufacturers conventional hang tag, according to the processing process is generally divided into: one-time hang tag string two-in-one hang tag string, three-in-one hang tag string, four-in-one hang tag string, metal hang tag string, plastic hang tag string, line buckle hang tag string and so on.

There are color methods such as: electroplating, hot stamping, hot silver, silk screen printing.

There are shapes that can be shaped like: rectangles, circles, squares, triangles, etc., in various shapes.

There is also a one-time, and repeated use, specific points can also be more detailed, such as the type of rope, nylon rope, or ribbons.

On the one hand, the use of hang tag string on the clothing tag can be used to enhance corporate image. On the other hand, one-time hang tag string can effectively prevent customers from tearing off the tag, and then disguise it without tearing because the one-off tag cannot be reused.

Hang tag string with safety pin

Wholesale hang tag string with safety pin, U shaped, bulb shaped copper, iron, steel small/mini black white, gold, silvery safety pin for hang tags, in stock order online

hang tag string safety pinhang tag string safety pin







With regard to the pins, there is such a small story: Once, my country held a conference for research and creation. At the meeting, Japanese creative scientists stepped onto Nobuo’s rostrum and took a step forward and asked a question. He asked: “How many uses do these paper clips have?” One Chinese scholar who was present at the time said there were more than 30 kinds. Murakami believes that there are more than 300 kinds of his own. Everyone warmly applauded him. At this time someone was handing over a sliver and the sliver wrote: “I’ll post a point tomorrow and prove that these paper clips have hundreds of millions of uses. This person is Xu Guotai. The scheme he proposed was later called the magic ball phenomenon. According to his argument, clips can be used for various weights due to the same weight; as a metal, clips can react with a variety of acids and other chemicals without knowing how many reactions; clips can be changed to 1, 2, 3 , 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; can be turned into English, Latin, and Russian letters, so that things that can be expressed in all languages in the world can be expressed in paper clips. In addition, the paper clip is metal and can conduct electricity, and it has a magnetic reaction in the magnetic field. In art, it is straightened and can play the role of strings. It can also be used as a clip, rope, hanging chain, and necklace. In garment accessories, the safety pins are mostly used to attach hang tags, hang tag string and clothes.

Kraft paper tags with string

Custom printed kraft paper tags with Natural hemp twine and cord string. print your LOGO on kraft paper, put you LOGO on plastic seal with hemp twine.

In the 1960s, the United States had a young man named Ryan. He was born in a family of wealthy businessmen in Chicago. Ryan has nothing to do all day long, but he loves motorcycles and sets up his own motorcycle club. In the United States at that time, motorcycle racing was very popular. Young people were zealously admiring the roaring sound of motors and the feeling of speed. At the same time, the wild and aggressive image of motorcycle riders wearing leather jackets and jeans is the object of young people’s imitation. Laren, who is obsessed with motorcycles, is naturally a crazy follower of jeans, and every time Ryan meets at the motorcycle club, he wears a new type of jeans that friends have never seen. This makes friends envious and surprised. It turned out that the family’s affluent and incomparably picky Ryan, after wearing all the big international brands, is no longer satisfied with the jeans that are sold in those shopping malls. Because the family is very affluent, Ryan simply plays some of his own jeans, from the design and cut. The sewing, dyeing, and final processing are all done by Ryan based on his own creativity. Because his self-produced jeans don’t hesitate to use the best fabrics and the most sophisticated craftsmanship, and it is very much in line with the preferences of motorcyclists and the young trendy generations of the Japanese street, gradually becoming more and more famous. Whenever a friend meets Ryan to show him When the latest jeans were designed, they would exclaim, Genius was genius, and asked Lane to design a set of jeans for himself. The Genius cowboy changed Ryan’s life, saved the Lion family’s business, and made a great denim brand in American history. The Genius brand, as a denim expert, is not only committed to the production of better products, but also more concerned about consumers and customers to find more details that satisfy consumers and customers. The customer and the customer start from satisfaction and end with satisfaction.

Generally this wild personality jeans will be equipped with customized Kraft paper hang tags and Natural hemp twine and cord hang tag strings, which can better integrate with the brand image.