Top 3 types of leather labels

Leather labels are made by PU or genuine leather, 3 types of real leather, artificial leather, recycled leather included, logo can be engraved, or hot-pressed. They use the leather as a carrier with eye-catching individuality. It is widely used in products such as denim clothing, hats, luggage, backpacks, and homemade crafts. Racing clothing and outdoor sports clothing are also included. It is the best decoration, giving people a unique visual and tactile effect.

Level of leather

According to the level, it can be divided into the first layer of leather and the second layer of leather.

leather labels

In the main types of leather, cattle leather and sheep leather, its surface is flat fine, hair eye is small, the internal structure is fine and compact. The leather body has better fullness and elasticity, good physical performance.

Types of leather

According to the real or fake of the leather and the processing procedure, it can be divided into genuine leather, recycled leather, and artificial leather.

genuine leather

real leather

It is also called real leather. It is a common name for the natural leather to distinguish synthetic leather. Animal leather, such as cowhide, sheepskin, belongs to genuine leather.

Artificial leather

fake leather

It is also called fake leather, which is a general term for artificial materials such as PVC and PU. Microfiber leather is a kind of artificial leather. It is the abbreviation of “Ultrafine Fiber PU Synthetic Leather

Microfiber leather

It is an artificial leather made of PU leather added with superfine fiber. Because of the influence of the Animal Protection Association and the maturity of technology, the performance and application of artificial leather surpassed that of natural leather. The price is cheaper than genuine leather.

Recycled leather

It is made by grinding all kinds of waste leather (scraps) and mixing chemical raw materials. Recycled leather has excellent air permeability, good gloss, and certain corrosion resistance. It has large output and is cheap, and can be used as a substitute for real leather.

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