Difference between custom woven and printed labels

Custom woven labels and printed labels are different in nature, production modes, and features, fashion clothing brands can choose by positioning and cost.

The nature is different

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Custom woven labels are woven on clothes and pants and include cloth labels with text, letters, graphics, numbers, and logo patterns. Marks with distinctive features are the products of the modern economy.

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Custom printed labels are one of the operations in the printing industry. Products are used in clothing, shoes, hats, underwear, quilts, and other daily articles or textiles. The purpose is to let customers know the materials of the products and the standards of washing water.

Different modes of production

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Custom woven labels are made by fixing warp and using weft to express characters, graphics, letters, Numbers, 3d marks, and color combinations.

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Custom printed labels use the film exposure resin plate to make its content engraved on the plate in the form of a laser to form a concave and convex effect. The resin plate on the machine uses the rotation of its cylinder to contact the ink to print the content or data on the ribbon.

Different features

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Custom woven labels have the characteristics of high-end, firmness, clear lines, and soft hand feeling. Because of the printing method, custom printed labels are rich in colors, high in definition, and products are more fashionable; the production efficiency is high.

Printed labels-3

Since the production method of woven labels is similar to that of weaving cloth, their output is not as high as the printed labels, but they are washable and not easy to fade. So the product appears to be relatively high-end.


If it is a clothing brand for suits, you can choose custom woven labels. Because they have high colorfastness, washing resistance, and not easy to wear.

For children’s clothing brands, due to the low service life of children’s clothing, children must choose other clothing when they grow up. Therefore, we recommend children’s brands choose custom printed labels that have relatively low colorfastness to save costs.

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