Cheap woven labels for clothing

We wholesale cheap woven labels with brand logos, custom fabric labels, cotton woven labels, printed woven labels, and damask woven labels for clothing. The cheap woven labels don’t mean low-quality products at low prices. The price of cheap labels is decided by the size, color, material, and order quantity.

Small size and less color quantity will reduce the cost of the cheap woven labels. On the contrary, a big order quantity will make the unit price cheaper. And satin woven labels are cheaper than laser cut woven labels. Meanwhile, the more complex the color, the higher the price. Generally, we don’t recommend you use too many colors. Besides, the material also decides the price. Thus, you can choose a similar material to replace.

Images of cheap woven labels

Moreover, the more complex the process of the label, the more expensive it is relative. Order quality plays an essential part in the price. You can choose the most proper quality. Or you can ask for our salesmen’s advice. If you want to order more labels, then you can consult our salesperson for price discounts. Because the more quantity you order, the cheaper the price.

Cheap woven labels should be consistent with the overall positioning and brand image. So, if you are a small brand, you can choose a label with a smaller quantity and less logo color. If you are a mid-range brand, you can choose moderately priced requirements. And, it is better for big brands to choose a large number of cheap woven labels.

Of course, our customers also choose large brands with small sizes but complex colors. Some small brands have chosen large sizes, rich colors, and large numbers. Because each brand’s logo is different. Therefore, we have to make choices based on actual conditions.

Quotation of cheap woven labels

1, Reference sample from the above images or woven labels photo gallery.
2, The quantity: our MOQ is 100pcs. The more you order, the cheaper the price.
3, You can send your art files to us or get our help for free design.

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