4 materials for custom printed clothing labels

We supply 4 most-used materials to custom printed clothing labels, including cotton tape, polyester-satin ribbon, nylon taffeta, super soft polyester taffeta. When you need custom printed clothing labels no matter the main clothing labels or care labels, firstly you should choose one type of material for printing your logo. We have more than 100 types of material for printing, and we have 6 different printing techniques to ensure that the label you customize will not fade colors after washing.

4 types of most-used materials to custom printed clothing labels

1. Cotton tape of custom printed clothing labels

The cotton tape feels very soft and comfortable, it is suitable for kids’ clothing brands and classic clothing brands. The printing technique should be silkscreen printing, but the effect is not perfect, the color is not that bright.

2. Polyester-Satin Ribbon

It is the most favorite material for care labels, colors printed on is bright, and color fastness is high. When choosing a cutting technique for custom printed clothing labels, please inform your supplier to use laser cut instead of hot cut because the hot cut will leave uneven edges which leads to uncomfortable feelings when touching the skin directly.

Polyester-Satin RibbonPolyester-Satin Ribbon

3. Nylon Taffeta

It is the most common but economic material, The advantage is some labels can be torn out by hand.

Nylon TaffetaNylon Taffeta

4. Super soft polyester taffeta of custom printed clothing labels

It is super soft custom printed clothing labels. The logo printed on color is bright, and color fastness is high.

Super Soft Polyester TaffetaSuper Soft Polyester Taffeta

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