Material chart for printed labels

The material chart for printed labels can help people make a reference, which is suitable for customers who are not clear about which material is better. Many customers need to customize the printed fabric labels for your product, so here is the color sample chart below for your reference. The color sample chart has 81 kinds of samples. The colors and the materials that we can do is way more than all on the sample chart.

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4 materials for custom printed clothing labels

We supply 4 most-used materials to custom printed clothing labels, including cotton tape, polyester-satin ribbon, nylon taffeta, super soft polyester taffeta. When you need custom printed clothing labels no matter the main clothing labels or care labels, firstly you should choose one type of material for printing your logo. We have more than 100 types of material for printing, and we have 6 different printing techniques to ensure that the label you customize will not fade colors after washing.

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Custom printed hang tags with string

Custom printed hang tags with string

In the first half of 2008, the industry experienced high growth. In the second half of the year, due to the slowdown in downstream demand due to economic slowdown, under the influence of factors such as changes in supply and demand and new production capacity, the prices of major products peaked and declined. The company’s production cuts and price cuts introduced product prices in the market. Falling trend, the industry downturn. The rate of production and sales decreased, inventory increased, while exports of paper and paperboard decreased, while raw material imports continued to grow.

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Printed tags with string

For the printed tags with string, the back of dirty is a common fault, but also more difficult to solve the problem. Of course, for the newly produced equipment, both the process and the equipment are greatly improved. For example, installing UV and IR dryers, and increasing the transfer time between two adjacent units are all relatively A good way. However, printing equipment that does not have a drying device has to be solved by traditional methods such as dusting and squeezing.

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Custom gift boxes\ Printed gift boxes\ cardboard boxes use for jewelry, gift

We not only custom clothing labels, but also custom gift boxes which can print your logo on the paper cardboard boxes, LOGO can be print or hot-press gold or silver color, luxury gift boxes are used for jewelry or other fashion products.

Please Email me your design of gift boxes,  then we can give you a specific quotation.

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Printed package paper for shipping parcel

Custom printed package paper for shipping parcel. Print your LOGO on wrapping paper, which include tissue paper, waxed paper, typing paper, cotton paper,craft paper.

Printed packing paper is made with your own logo, or design. Minimum order quantity is 1,000 sheets.
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Tissue wrapping paper printed your logo

Tissue wrapping paper is tissue paper for wrapping or packing, we supply custom tissue wrapping paper printed your logo for packaging clothes, gifts, etc.

Our tissue wrapping paper comes in many beautiful shades and multiple size, which include white black, gold, silver color. Printing your LOGO or brand name on 14g, 17g wrapping paper to promote their brand appeal. Please let us know your size, color, logo or design and quantity, we hope to provide you our best quality and professional service. We make it as your design or logo, it can be also your business card. Minimum order quantity is 1,000 sheets.
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Printed wrapping paper for shipping packaging

Printed wrapping paper for shipping packaging, print your LOGO on wrapping paper, the material includes tissue paper, cotton paper, typing paper, craft paper, waxed paper.

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