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Difference between PVC and PET labels

What is the difference between pvc labels and pet labels? PVC is also called Polyvinylchloride, and the main ingredient is Polyvinyl chloride. PET, or polyethylene terephthalate plastics is one the most widely used plastics for thermoforming.

  1. PVC can not be recycled, PET can be recycled;
  2. If a PET bottle is used with a PVC label, the PVC label needs to be removed when the bottle is recycled; the PET label is no need to be removed; PVC labels

3. PET excellent media properties, with good anti-fouling, scratch-resistant, high temperature and other properties;

4. PVC and PET performance close, it has better flexibility than PET, soft feel, but the degradation of PVC is poor, has a negative impact on the environment.

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