Hang tag printing with string

Hang tag printing your LOGO with string, the plastic string seal also can be have your LOGO, low MOQ and price, good quality.

Hang tag printing with string plays a role of outstanding the company image and quality.

Hang tag printing with string

There are also many people who do not need to hang tag printing with string.

Manufacturers conventional hang tag, according to the processing process is generally divided into: one-time hang tag string two-in-one hang tag string, three-in-one hang tag string, four-in-one hang tag string, metal hang tag string, plastic hang tag string, line buckle hang tag string and so on.

There are color methods such as: electroplating, hot stamping, hot silver, silk screen printing.

There are shapes that can be shaped like: rectangles, circles, squares, triangles, etc., in various shapes.

There is also a one-time, and repeated use, specific points can also be more detailed, such as the type of rope, nylon rope, or ribbons.

On the one hand, the use of hang tag string on the clothing tag can be used to enhance corporate image. On the other hand, one-time hang tag string can effectively prevent customers from tearing off the tag, and then disguise it without tearing because the one-off tag cannot be reused.

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