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Hang tag string supplies

We supply custom hang tag string with your LOGO and cotton/polyester twine with plastic bullet head/square lock fasteners in stock for price tag and paper tags.

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image of hang tag string
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Hang tag string with no logo color sample chart for sale


1, Reference sample from hang tag string‘s photo gallery or from other place.
2, The quantity hang tag string do you want. our MOQ :with your logo on:2000pcs; with no logo:1000pcs
3, Your logo or your design of hang tag string if you have.

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Sometimes we can print some thanks card for our friend. Hang tags or hang tag string supplies can also do thank card!

2 thoughts on “Hang tag string supplies”

  1. hi

    Can you send a price list for hang tag string – no logo just a string that locks and fastens approx. 3″ long.

    1. Hi Carly
      hank for your contact.
      My colleague Beaver([email protected]) will reply your email later about the hang tag string price.
      If you do not receive our email in the next Monday please check your spam box.

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