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How to sew the woven label on garments?

There are several sewing methods for the attach on the garments. The woven labels are mainly divided into two types: selvedge and trim.

sew the woven label on garments
sew the woven label

When pointed out that the need for a one-time trademark width of the needs of the trademark, known as selvage woven label. This process avoids many of the disadvantages of trimming, but the yield is low. There is also a flat/satin woven label, which is characterized by a soft and firm feel. It is more suitable for higher fashion products, such as dresses, suits, etc., it is very much used by quality Japanese manufacturers. The woven border is generally made of satin, but the satin woven label background is difficult to express, and the usual hot coloring/dyeing processes solve this problem.

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