Wine wrapping paper for the gift wrap

Wine wrapping paper is a kind of tissue paper that is soft, thin, smooth for wine brands when gifting, then it will be packaged in a wooden or paper wine box. In general, custom red wine wrapping paper will be printed on high-quality paper. And it is good to print any color, size of text, letters, and exquisite pattern logos. After printing, it can be UV and embossed. Therefore, the printing effect is exquisite, has no chipping, and has good pulling force. And the tissue paper is easy to fold and cut, fresh, and odorless. Custom wine wrapping paper is ideal for Champagne, Brandy, Whisky, Rhum, Tequila, Vodka, etc. Meanwhile, we make champagne Christmas wrapping tissue paper.

There are two main steps to packaging a bottle of wine. First of all, many wine brands will purchase wine bottle wrapping paper. Provide the required color, size, quantity, logo file, and you can customize it. Then, after the bottle packaging is complete, they will customize the finished gift box. Some customers will customize luxury cardboard boxes. This kind of box is more stable and high-end. Both the wrapping paper and the gift box can be printed with the brand logo and other information.

Details of wine wrapping paper

  • Features: moisture-proof; breathable; shaped
  • Weight: 17G/22G/24G/28G/30G/35G/38G/40G;
  • Material: tissue paper, Coated paper, typing paper, cotton paper, wax paper, glossy paper (translucent), coated paper, kraft paper, non-woven fabric, etc.;
  • Size: can be customized according to need; the recommended size is 50*38(cm)
  • Product use: it is perfect for wrapping and gift box lining. Such as wine, clothing, handicrafts, shoes, leather bags, leather goods, gifts, printed products, flowers, fruit wrapping.

Wine Wrapping Paper Ideas and Inspirations

When We are Choosing a Red Wine, What Kind of Wine Bottle Will Attract Us?

When we choose red wine, what kind of wine bottle will make our eyes shine? What kind of wine bottle will make people enjoy the desire and interest to explore? The answer is about to come out. Of course, the packaged wine bottle will make people shine. Because all good things catch people’s attention.

The most common wrapping paper is white copy tissue paper. Because of its translucent properties, it gives a hazy feeling. And we can print the logo, the origin, and the touching story of the product on white tissue paper. Or we can also wrap them in gold and silver paper. Then, it will further highlight the good image of the product. Of course, we can also choose a variety of different colors of red wine wrapping paper. Not only are there many color choices, but we can also make color crosses, print lines, and patterns. In addition, single-sided, double-sided, and full-color printing are also three different options.

Wine wrapping paper 09

Why Use a Carton for Red Wine Wrapping?

In fact, it is not difficult to find that many wines will choose some wooden wine boxes or paper wine boxes for packaging. In fact, red wine is very afraid of the light. If the red wine is exposed to light, it will cause the red wine to ripen prematurely. Then, it will affect the taste. Wooden wine boxes or paper wine boxes can isolate the light source. So it will be perfect when storing wine.

It is the beautiful carton packaging that makes the wine more firm in the carton. It has a certain protective effect on red wine. This is also very conducive to the transportation of wine. In fact, high-quality red wine is more common in some wooden carton packaging. And the wood packaging looks more upscale. So, it makes the wine feel more expensive and elegant. This makes it look better overall.

Wine wrapping paper 03

Tips for Wine wrapping When Gifting

We always love to take wine as a gift for friends or relatives. Often we suffer from the fact that it cannot have beautiful packaging to surprise friends like other gifts. So here are a few wine bottle wrapping tips to make your gift presentable and stylish.

First, you need red wine wrapping paper to wrap the wine bottle. Second, you need to choose a slightly hard mailing paper tube (for mailing fragile and easily foldable items). You also need to measure the width of the bottle. In most cases, such as wine bottles from Bordeaux and Alsace, you can find a 3-inch diameter paper tube.

Wine wrapping paper 10

There are the following types of wines with bottles that meet the above heights. Such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Riesling and Gewürztraminer wines. Wider wine bottles, such as Champagne, Burgundy, and Port, require a 4-4.5-inch diameter paper tube.

These cartons also need to have a lid if you want to close the package. Also, you need to prepare some polyethylene foam stuffed into the paper tube. It aims to prevent the wine bottle from slamming and exposing your gift. Of course, if you want to open the gift easily, you only need to prepare a base for the paper tube. Then, leave the top empty and add some other decorations. The latter is more suitable for dinner parties or occasions where the wine is about to be drunk.

How to DIY the Wine with Tissue Paper packaging?

Next, let’s take a look at how to DIY this packaging.

Wine wrapping paper 11

First, cut the height of the paper tube to the same height as the wine bottle. At the same time, prepare a carton lid. Scissors and general pocket knives can’t be used because these paper tubes are too hard. So the tool I use is a power saw. Next, put the polyethylene foam in, and then the wine. After that, you put the lid on the paper tube. The first step of packaging is thus completed.

After the basic work is done, is it too easy for you to decorate this gift? But you better hurry, or you’ll be late for the party.

Supplier and Maker of Wine Wrapping Paper

We are a top maker and supplier of red wine wrapping paper in China. And we offer free design and print custom color, LOGO, patterns. That will raise the grade of your red wine, thereby opening up its popularity. Besides, we provide global wide shipping for all products on our site. And our customers come from different countries and regions all over the world.

We also supply red wine and white wine wrapping paper. Most customers will choose tissue paper for wrapping. Most of our paper mills use the imported wood pulp to make copy paper. In addition to using imported wood pulp, we can also use bamboo, awn stalk, and wheat straw pulp. They have high physical strength, excellent uniformity, and transparency. And the paper is fine, flat, smooth, with no bubble sand.

Among them, the strength of copy paper produced by bamboo pulp is also good. But, the whiteness of the paper is low. If we use awn and wheat straw pulp are used, the whiteness of the copy paper produced is good, but the strength is low. Therefore, under certain conditions, imported bleached kraft softwood pulp is more popular.

Printable tissue paper with logo

Printable tissue paper is an eco-friendly and recycled gift wrapping paper that can be printed with brand logos, which is ideal for packaging and festivals. And about how to design printing, we have positioning printing and non-position printing. Thus, you can make personalized one-color or full-color printing. Besides, its types include 17g tissue paper, 80g coated paper, 28g typing paper, 24g wax paper, cotton paper, 30g craft paper, etc. we wholesale custom thin or thick printed tissue wrapping paper for our clients. So, you can make your own tissue paper with a plain or colored logo. Any size or type is available.

The printed tissue paper has wide use in wrapping clothing, wine bottle, shoebox, Christmas, birthdays, gift wrapping. In addition, we wholesale bulk recycled custom tissue wrapping paper for customers. Of course, printing your own personalized tissue paper & tracing paper will improve brand images. So, please feel free to contact us if you need to customize.

Printable tissue paper sheets have two ways for logo printing. And we use printing machines and printers making tissue paper to achieve this. First of all, we have to understand the direction of printing. Take the size of 500x700mm as an example. We can regard the paper width of a roll of paper as 500mm. First, put this roll of paper on the machine. Next, print along the direction of 700mm in length.

Printable tissue paper images

Two printing ways of printable tissue paper

In the printing process, there are positioning printing and non-positioning printing.

printable tissue paper

Positioning printing

Positioning printing refers to typesetting and cutting completely according to the size and logo on the design. And it means that the position of the logo is fixed on a piece of paper.

Non-position printing

Non-positioning printing means that the logo is an infinite loop. For example, due to the logo being an infinite loop, it is typeset according to the size of the paper and the logo. And perhaps the last cut position just cuts off a part of the logo. Then, if you don’t want to cut it off, you must change to positioning printing.

However, because of the particularity of positioning printing, it will produce a lot of waste. Therefore, both mold fees and prices are much higher than non-positional printing. This is why everyone chooses to do non-positioning printable tissue paper.

Therefore, when you customize or design copy paper, you must typeset according to your own requests.

printable tissue paper machine 01

Logo printing of the printable tissue paper

For example: Martina tissue paper
Material: 21 grams copy paper
Size: 700*1000MM

The printable tissue paper width is 700MM. And the printing direction is printed in the direction of 1000MM. Then, we print the entire logo on the full page and print it continuously. Because the printing direction is based on 1000MM, the 700MM width will cut to the LOGO when cutting.

But there are 2 ways for 1000MM printing direction:

1: When cutting the upper and lower logo, the logo will be cut, and the logo will be incomplete. For example, the design draft 1: When cutting, it will cut to A, making A incomplete.

printable tissue paper-design draft 01
printable tissue paper-design draft 01

2: The logo will not be cut when cutting the upper and lower logos. And the whole logo is complete. Such as design draft 2: It will not cut to A when cutting.

printable tissue paper-design draft 02
printable tissue paper-design draft 02

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Things about metallic wrapping paper

Metallic wrapping paper is one of the gift tissue paper with metallic foil, creating a smooth glossy finish and dazzling effects when used for wrapping. It is also known as metalized gift wrap or metallic gift wrap. The paper has a glossy silver metallic surface like aluminum. Our metallic wrapping paper is real paper. Each roll features foil patterns on one side and a simple paper print on the other. Users can tear paper by hand or ruler. It is strong, no peek and stylish. The metallic wrap has all the gift wrapping needs.

Below is some basic knowledge you might want to know.

  • Uses
  • Occasions
  • Recyclability
  • Customization
  • Customer Service

1. Where can you use metallic wrapping paper?

The metallic wrapping paper is ideal for retail product packaging and gift-giving. Where you can use it depends on its printed patterns. Gloss silver metallic paper printed with beautiful designs is perfect for decorating party items. Creative designs printed metalized gift wrap is the perfect item to wrap gifts. Bling metallic wrapping paper is the best wrap for the Christmas season. Papers with various patterns are here to give a beautiful gift presentation.

2. When can you use metallic wrapping paper?

From Christmas to showers, from weddings to anniversaries, this shiny wrapping paper contributes to a festive aura. When used to wrapping gifts, it is the perfect way to tell friends and family congratulations, welcome home, or happy birthday.

3. Is the metallic wrapping paper recyclable?

Unluckily, due to the mix of materials, wrapping paper that contains foil and metallic pieces cannot be recycled.

4. How can I get the customized metallic wrapping paper?

Who says you can not get the premium metallic wrapping paper for a low price? Here at our websites, we produce high-quality metallic wrapping paper at a reasonable price. From metallic foil to matte foil, from solid colors to beautiful designs, we have it all. Additionally, it is capable of printing customized designs. If you like our products, please feel free to contact us.

5. Can I get other accessories here?

Aside from the metallic wrapping paper, you can complement it with ribbons, bows, stickers, and other items. Give your gifts a professional and personal look with this fancy paper.

6. How about your customer service?

Order or not, you are free to ask any questions. We are here to address your concerns about product pricing, materials, sizes, colors, and patterns. Other information such as turnaround time, delivery time, or payment depends on you. Or you can have a rough idea on our FAQs page.

Style up the season with our metallic wrapping paper. We offer all the spectacular, high-quality packaging supplies. They are affordable and easy. We carry exactly what you need to create a visual statement.

Printed package paper for wrapping

Printed package paper is packing paper mainly used for packaging purposes in shipping or wrapping, and it has high toughness and can withstand pressure. The custom printed package paper for shipping parcels can print the brand logo. The minimum order quantity is 1,000 sheets.

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Kraft wrapping paper

Kraft wrapping paper is a versatile paper that is produced using the kraft process, it is used for craft projects, gift-wrapping, or other artistic ideas. It comes with an organic almost earthy appearance. This simple yet beautiful wrapping paper looks amazing if you choose to decorate it with ribbons, stickers, or other sparkling garnish when used for your gift wrapping or handicrafts. Not only it is practical but lends a traditional and authentic look to your products as well.

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What is Acid-free tissue wrap paper?

Acid-free tissue wrapping paper means that the pH of the paper is 7.0 (neutral) or higher (alkaline). Under normal use and storage conditions, the life of acid-free paper can reach about 200 years. (Are you sure that your paper really needs to be kept for so long?)

acid and acid-free paper
acid and acid-free paper
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Tissue wrapping paper printed your logo

Tissue wrapping paper is tissue paper for wrapping or packing, we supply custom tissue wrapping paper printed your logo for packaging clothes, gifts, etc.

Our tissue wrapping paper comes in many beautiful shades and multiple size, which include white black, gold, silver color. Printing your LOGO or brand name on 14g, 17g wrapping paper to promote their brand appeal. Please let us know your size, color, logo or design and quantity, we hope to provide you our best quality and professional service. We make it as your design or logo, it can be also your business card. Minimum order quantity is 1,000 sheets.
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Printed wrapping paper for shipping packaging

Printed wrapping paper for shipping packaging, print your LOGO on wrapping paper, the material includes tissue paper, cotton paper, typing paper, craft paper, waxed paper.

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